I always get the same question…

Why do I need to create my own product to make money online?

Guess what… You don’t have too, you can always promote another persons product and earn a commission, however it is a bad idea and why?

Because affiliate marketing is stupid!

Here’s why, by promoting another persons product you are promoting his/her name and NOT your own and not only that, you also only get a commission in the front end while the vendor keeps the buyer and make a lot of more money from the back end, it all make sense.

So how to do affiliate marketing without being stupid?


The whole thing about having your own product is not to make you rich but a tool for building a quality email list of subscribers and buyers that is yours to keep, you get to make money in the back end by selling to them over and over again, you can have affiliates promoting YOU and YOUR NAME!

This allows you to build authority in your niche and can make you a lot of more money than any affiliate promotion ever can or will do!

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