The competition in the internet marketing is extreme, and it is getting bigger by the hour. There are so much information and tactics to choose from that you could spend a lifetime trying them all out. Some of the strategies described does actually work, the problem is that so many people are doing them and it may take a long time until you get noticed if you decide to focus on one strategy. So with all this competition, how is it possible to get noticed?

A good start is to offer something that sets you apart from your competitors, for example, you can help people with something new, like choosing what car to buy after they gotten successful, giving a warranty that makes dealing with you a low-risk enterprise using a 100% money-back guarantee combined with a help desk that takes care of people when they need your assistance. It should be easy to make business with you and becoming your customer, and refunds should be handled efficiently without any hassle. If your only purpose on the internet is to make money you will soon be out of business, social media and forums make people offering bad service or selling scams very hard online.

Companies and internet marketers who treat their employees or customers unsatisfactory often see how these things start appearing close to the top results whenever people google them.

Have you tested your offers using either paid traffic like solo ads or free traffic to see how well your offer convert and what you earnings per click are? If you have not done this the chance of anybody wants to do a joint venture with you is close to zero! In order to be successful you need to have people online to work with you, to acquire these people you need to either contact them immediately or make something so good that it spreads like wildfire throughout the internet. But in order to be discovered you need something that people like to show their friends.

No matter what you choose to do online, there must be an issue or need that has to be addressed. To make sure that you are not drowning in the “me-too mentality” do not go to broad in what you are offering. Do not write a book about having picnics, for example, as it is a very broad topic making it hard to please everybody that wants to eat outside on a blanket. If you go for picnic in the park with your partner or with the family during summer in Sweden you will have a smaller market, but the people interested would be more likely to buy from you and end up being happy with what you have offered them. There is nothing that stops you from producing more books like a picnic for friends in the park etc.

So what you need to do is to offer something that people want, make it easy to start doing business with you, and to get a refund when not satisfied. Try nor go for pleasing everybody with one product, it is better to have more products that each appeals to a different subgroup of the market. Make sure you avoid doing what everybody else does, you need to stand out or you will remain unnoticed.

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