I get this same question over and over again from people who ask me to coach them. “Why do I need a mailing lsit?” Well it’s pretty simple… If you think about it, everybody wants traffic and most newbies are even looking for push button traffic.

Which doesn’t exist!

Yeah I’m sorry if I broke your fantasies but it’s just doesn’t. Except in two forms…

  1. Paid traffic.
  2. By sending an email to your list.

You see wile most people starting out cannot afford to pay for a lot of traffic you need to collect leads (emails) and while you’re building that list it means…

Having a mailing list is like owning and CONTROLLING TRAFFIC!

That’s why you need to build one. Whenever you send out an email with a link you send traffic to any website you want. That’s true push button traffic.

And that’s also why you need to setup an autoresponde which is basically a service used to build a mailing list and which can also create automated series of follow up messages to be send out on the day you choose.

You need to setup an autoresponder.

There are a lot to chose from but there is only two that really delivers the email to the inbox. Unfortunately many autoresponder companies sends their emails but a lot end up in the spam folder. I recommend you go with Getresponse or Aweber, both are equal to delivery ability but Getresponse is a bit more user friendly and a little bit lower in price.

Click here to get a Getresponse account!

Click here to get a Aweber account!

When this two things is in place you need to setup a website to collect leads. Your website should contain a squeeze page (to collect emails), a sales letter and a thank you page. The sales funnel should be something like this…

You send traffic to the Squeeze page —Opt-In—–>
They end up on the sales page. —-Buy—–>
Buyer Opt-In Page (You build a separate list of buyers) —–>
Upsell (Should be an upgrade or complement to the original product) —->

Click here to see a very good example of a squeeze page!

You may even want to Opt-In to see the flow for yourself.

This way when you send paid traffic into your funnel some is buying which result in you getting money back which you can reinvest into your business allowing you to scale up real fast.

Snowball effect!

Good Luck,

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