I am astounded with how many people there are in the internet marketing niche that tries to sell to you the latest and greatest new product supposed to make you rich quick. There are countless of sales letters out there giving fussy descriptions of software etc, that describes loopholes of google, systems that no sane person can understand that magically will give you riches beyond comparison sold for so-called bargain prices.

In some cases you just get info that is common sense, eg you need to use an autoresponder to send mail to your list (info that can be obtained for free on warrior forum or by some smart googling).

The idea that everybody can get rich by using certain computer programs that will draw traffic as a guru, and also would make your average person want to spend lots of money on a product that they do not understand, is ridiculous, but putting this idea in people’s heads so a few people buys into it is in fact marketing, a very evil and a grave misuse of marketing, but people are everyday buying these hyped up things because it is a lie that people hungry for money desperately want to believe is true.

So if you see a product/computer program that will make you earn good money, save yourself the disappontment of buying and use the money to go and take a cup of coffee or a beer with one of your friends and you will get much better value for money. Speaking with your friends is a much better way to get good ideas of what you are good at, and can use to make money online than any computer program out for sale online. Your friends can help you notice your strengths, in case you are not one of the few people around who already know what you do best.

So selling is trying to take you on an emotional ride that kidnaps your emotions so all of you can think of is I must buy this now before everybody else has bought it, so I will have an edge in the competition compared to those (lucky ones) who have not seen that particular sales letter yet. 🙂

In reality is the only outcome that you will have 10-99$ less than you had before reading that sales letter describing this strange program or SEO trick that is going to make you a fortune.

Marketing is creating something that is so desireable that people want to buy it even before they land on your page.

So marketing for someone decent is providing something that people need and giving them a taste of what you have to offer.
Examples are giving away good advice on a blog or in an ebook, having famous people or sport stars wearing what you sell, and tasting food in your local supermarket.
There are people who buy shoes or clothes just because their favorite actor, sports star or celebrity wears it, compared to who listens to other ads on television and buys it because they have seen in the comersial break on their favorite sitcom.

So my question to you is, do you do marketing or are you a seller who think that you are doing marketing?


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