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Website link popularity means that there is links pointing back to your website. One way to get this is to build links that point back to your site. When search engines like Google see that you have lots of links from other websites pointing back to you they know that your site is popular and reward you with higher rankings.

Unfortunately this has become harder to do as some website owners abused link building by spamming links all over the internet and even created link farms aka. websites used for the sole purpose of backlinks resulting in search engines banning those sites and also has spam filters if links are built in an unethical way. However for those site owners who use do link building correctly, they can get great results fast.

You can give your website a lot of authority and high rankings if you use link building wisely, here’s some very effective ways to do so.

1. Link exchanges: Link exchanging means that you swap links with other site owners, you contact them and offer to put a link to their website on your site and they do the same for you. If you don’t want to be “Captain Obvious”  you can try a three way link with another site owner, that way you are not directly linking to eachother and will grown in the eyes of big G and the other search engines.

2. Article Marketing: Write articles and place them in popular article directories, most of them allow you to include a link in the end of the article or in a resource box, of course you link back to your website. Great content will attract many readers to your articles and hopefully most of them click the link and goes to your site.

3. Article syndication: This means that other site owners will publish your article which they are allowed to do but they need to include the resource box with your link. This way, the more articles that other site owners publish on their sites will also produce more backlinks for YOU.

4. Blog commenting: Go to Google and search for other blogs in your niche and start commenting, be helpful and discuss with others do not just post useless comments as this will make you look like a spammer and will probably get your comments deleted. Of course include a link to your website in all comments.

5. Forum marketing: Again go to google and find some forums in your niche that allows you to use a forum signature with a link and also make sure to read the forum rules as some is very picky of your signature links and some do not even allow links and those would be useless to you. Be active on the forum and be helpful, post and remember that every post will create a link pointing back to your site. If you do this right other members of the same forum are more likely to click on your links and actually see your website.

Also make sure that your site is interesting and give visitors what they are looking for so they don’t bounce of your site the minute they land on it. A good, informative and interesting website will keep your visitors coming back to you.

And of course make sure to have an opt-in form on your site so you do build a list, we all know how important that is 😉





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