The internet marketing scene is just louder and noisier than ever and it’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust and the big so called guru’s who’s running a coaching program, just tells you to buy into more and more programs and software.


You literally need only a few things to get started online and I’ll show you the ONLY tools needed for success.

You need:

1: A webhost to setup a website
2: An autoresponder to send out broadcast emails.
3: Traffic

Here’s some tools that will provide you with exactly that and which I personally use myself and warmly recommend.

  1. HostGator
    The same webhosting company I personally use myself and the only one as far as I know that offers unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwith. Perfect if you get a lot of traffic to your sites.Click Here to Learn More About HostGator
  1. Aweber
    The best autoresponder out there. It may not be the cheapest but it has the best deliverability and getting your message to your list’s inbox is crucial if you want to make any money. I use Aweber and I make heck of a lot money with it as well. Strongly recommended.Click Here to Learn More About Aweber
  1. Getresponse
    The second autoresponder (Which I actually use for another list I’ve build) and which is no doubt a great competitor to Aweber. It’s deliverability is slightly lower than Aweber but when it comes to price, features and being userfriendly it beats Aweber by a million strikes.Click Here to Learn More About Getresponse
  1. Udimi
    My number one traffic source for paid traffic. Udimi is a a marketplace for solo ads and is very effective becasause of it’s click filter which makes sure that you only get quality human visitors for the clicks that you buy. Make sure to upgrade to prime.Click Here to Learn More About Udimi
  1. Safe-Swaps
    My number one source for FREE traffic. Safe-Swaps is the sister site of Udimi and it’s for booking ad swaps which is basically the same as a solo ad but instead of paying for traffic you partner up with another member and you send eachothers offer to your lists. Make sure to upgrade to prime here as well.Click Here to Learn More About Safe-Swaps
  1. Warrior Forum Classified Ads
    Warrior forum is a forum where internet marketers hang out and in their classified ad section you’ll be able to find a lot of good quality solo ad vendors. Besides since it’s a forum it also helps a lot reading the comments from other members who bought solo ads from a vendor.Click Here to Learn More About Warrior Forum Classified Ads

These is actually the only things you need. Once you have a landing page setup go out there and send paid traffic to it and you WILL see results.

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