This will be a quick one…

So when you do have a digital product you obviously need a place to sell them which allows you to have affiliate promoting you so I wanna share my 2 favourite places to sell my products.

Especially since more and more people move away from Clickbank due to their strikt product approval policies.

  1. JVZoo
    JVZoo is a great marketplace with tons of affiliates that know how to promote your stuff. I’ve had lots of success using this platform and I strongly suggest that you check it out.Best part is that affiliates (or you as an affiliate) gets paid instantly and don’t have to wait for month’s for commissions.Click Here to Learn More About JVZoo
  1. Warrior PlusWarrior Plus+ is the 2nd affiliate digital marketplace I use it also offer instant commissions but better yet they do have an advertising section which you can advertise your upcoming launches as well.Click Here to Learn More About Warrior Plus

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