Marketing Rather Than Selling?

I am astounded with how many people there are in the internet marketing niche that tries to sell to you the latest and greatest new product supposed to make you rich quick. There are countless of sales letters out there giving fussy descriptions of software etc, that describes loopholes of google, systems that no sane…

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Get Rich Quick VS Going Into business

get rich quick

I want to start with making an example: If your neighbor has a kid, would you start producing diapers or gruel just to sell to them, to continue in the same track will you in 6 year’s time start selling pencils and notebooks to the same people as their kids will by then be going…

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About Me

I’ve been around the online marketing scene for nine years before I actually succeeded to make any money online, so let me help you avoid to make all of the mistakes I made.

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Empower Network, Just Joined It!

Empower Network

I’ve been around the online marketing scene for quite a while and I’ve heard a lot of good stuff around the Empower network. So since I already have a mailing list and long experience in internet marketing I’ve decided to give this a and I’ll go all in right away. So basically this is my…

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