More than 1 million blog posts are put up online daily, and getting the attention of your target audience as a blogger or content marketer isn’t going to be easy in any sense. A well thought out or catchy headline is very influential as it is a starter pack for convincing your audience to read and comment on your content. It has been found that eye catching headlines boost traffic to blogs by over 400%. The headlines are the first selling point of the content and once they are not eye-catching, the most creative and best contents might not be read.

Writing an eye catching headline takes time and has created a discord among writers on what makes headlines pop out. They argue if it’s the length of the headline, word placement, SEO optimization, or the format in which the headline is written?

These questions need the right answers as the whole strategy of content marketing relies on getting people to view and click on your content. Catchy headlines help sell your content as they represent it in search engines, social media, email and ad marketing

Eye catching headlines give you an edge over our other competitors and convince your target audience to read and comment on your content. So how do we create or write eye catching headlines that captivate your audience and drive traffic to your website or blogs?

Some tips on how to write eye catching headlines are given below:

Keep it simple and straight-forward

Straight forward headlines directly hit the nail on the head. People need reasons to read your content and would want to know the benefits of your content to them. So when trying to draft a catchy headline, do not be clever or try to be intriguing. Straight forward headlines get to the crux of the matter and are not playful.

State clearly what can be gained from viewing your content

People always want a need/want satisfied and your headlines when catchy encourages them to click as they believe your content would satisfy those needs. The headline has to convince them that your content has the answers they seek. Put the big benefit in your headline, and they will read your copy. To create a headline like this you need to know your target audience. The result is that even if they don’t visit your website, they’ve at least seen your best selling point.

For example, writing a content with a headline such as “Easy Tips for Redecorating Your Home” could be referred to as a fair description of the article, but there’s no emotional engagement as to why someone might be redecorating their home. On the other hand, if you write that same headline in such a manner, “Sell Your Home Faster with These Easy Decorating Tips” a headline written this way goes straight to the point and tells your audience what they stand to gain from accessing your content.

Create a headline that appeals to your reader’s “how-to” instinct

Most people want love to improve their life in one way or the other. Writing a headline that focuses on the solution to those needs/wants is always effective. Make sure the headline highlights the final benefit or result.

Do not put the methods in the headline as it might look like it’s a lot of work. Your headline should aim to target the end result and reader’s real motivations. It is advised that you write catchy headlines thaw old make people share your contents and some examples of such headlines are given below:

  • How to make money working from home in 3 days.
  • How to get 10,000 likes on your Facebook posts

Ask Questions in Your Headline

Starting up your headlines with questions can be a clever way to make them catchy as it involves your readers or audience directly. Your readers should be in argumentative or agreement state once thy see your headline and such headlines should relate directly to the message you are trying to convey in your post. Examples of such headlines are given below:

  • Do you want to know the top 5 mistakes most bloggers make?
  • Do you want to know how to catch cyber hackers?

Tell your readers what to do

Headlines when direct and commanding gets your readers attention as some reader’s love being pulled around. Such headlines are catchy and effective as they are not in a conversational tone and makes your audience ask questions like “why” before clicking on the content. Some examples of catch headlines in these format are given below

  • Stop wasting money on web design. Create your Website in minutes.
  • Stop writing and become the best blogger in 30 days

Make your headlines SEO Optimized

It is important that your headlines are not just catchy but SEO optimized as you are trying to woo your audience with your title. You should endeavor to focus on keywords that your target audience is searching for and build on it keeping it short, simple, direct and accurate.

Once you have a keyword you feel your audience or readers would search for, you should try as much as possible to keep it at the beginning of your headline so it gets their attention. It is advised that your headline doesn’t exceed 70 characters so it doesn’t have to be cut off from search engine results.

Analyze All the Factors

Make sure to analyze all the above factors before finalizing the headline. Don’t be afraid to tweak it until you are happy with the outcome. It is better to come up with 3-4 alternatives so that you can pick the most appealing headline in case the original one isn’t working.

Get Peoples opinion on the Headlines Before Posting/Publishing

Once you feel you have come up with a catchy headline after brainstorming for minutes, hours or days as the case might it be, it is advised you present such headlines to friends, family or professionals to seek their counsels or opinions just to know if your headline is good to go or if some characters or words should be changed. Their view might just make you see things in a different direction as they are your critique audience and would show you the path to take.


In summary, without a catchy headline, anything you write is likely to go unread. Spending time coming up with the best possible catchy headline pays off when your content becomes shared, referenced and (hopefully) enjoyed.


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