Making money online these days does not only involve buying or selling online products and services. Driving traffic to your blog or website could be more profitable and easy than selling such products/services. One of the ways of driving traffic to your blog is by content marketing.

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to attract attention and generate leads.

The key to driving traffic online involves the kind of contents created and when writing content, there are a lot of factors you have to keep in mind as these help in one way or the other drive enormous traffic.

Creating great content won’t give you traffic. When contents are employed strategically, they would deliver enormous traffic you want and need. If your objective is to drive traffic with created content, what methods should be employed to build the right amount of traffic you require?

The following methods below are discussed on how to create great contents that drive traffic:

Create Buyer Personality/Profile

The most effective way of creating an appropriate buyer persona is to research and know your target audience. A study of what contents your targeted audience would like is important as it helps you get a deep understanding of their requirements and needs. It also helps you figure out what kind of person you want reading your content.

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. They help you understand your customers better, and they make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of these customers.

Create SEO Optimized Contents

It is an open secret that great SEO optimized contents drive a lot of traffic to websites and blogs. Once your content/contents contain keywords that are searched online, contain backlinks and such topics are evergreen (renewable), traffic is easily driven to your blog or website. The best way to achieve this is to create a keyword list based on your buyer persona’s common search terms. This involves doing a research on niches your personas are interested in and creating great contents out of them. When you hit on a topic your target audience loves, you can afford to spend time and resources creating content that digs deep into that topic. Once this is achieved, all you have to do is sit back and watch how traffic is driven in your direction.

Develop a Personality and Style That’s Appealing to your Target Audience.

Every successful product/services sold both online and offline has their own style and personality. It’s one of the most important factors as it is what makes them stick out from others.

Some of the most effective pieces of content draw on personal experiences. Think about something that has challenged you in the last few months, and share your experience. Your readers love to read about real life, whether good or bad.

The same thing is true in content marketing, whether B2B or B2C. Consumers of content will gravitate towards a personality that resonates with their own personality and disposition. It’s not quite enough to know what kind of content your audience wants — you also need to figure out how they like it styled.

GoPro is an example of a successful developed style and personality. It caters to audiences who are active, excited, and eager to show off their various outdoor experiences, so it intentionally adopted a style of content that’s suited toward this audience. Their wildly popular Instagram channel displays user-generated content of people doing a lot of active, exciting things — often involving surfboards, wingsuits, parachutes, or protective headgear.

In summary, your contents are mostly read and followed by people who are like you and once your created content are appealing to your target audience, generated traffic can only increase.

Create Catchy Headlines

If you really want to drive traffic, you’ve got to stand out from all the other pieces of content out there. Your headlines and titles have got to break through the noise, and convince people to click on them. You should spend a lot of time figuring out catchy headlines that would be intriguing, teasing and not offensive. Once your headlines are not catchy, your contents might not drive traffic as nobody likes a boring headline/title.

Create Visual Contents

If you want to use content to drive traffic, whether it be traffic back to your site or to the plethora of social media channels out there, you need to make sure that the content you’re creating is the stuff that leads to social shares, links, engagement and vitality. Visual content these days drive more traffic than written ones because people are attracted to what they see and generally love pictures. Informative contents in visual formats is the new trend and are more likely to drive traffic than written ones.

Create Video Contents

As much as people are compelled by images, so too are they becoming increasingly obsessed with videos.  Remember to keep them short, 2 – 3 minutes, and make sure they’re good quality with a great script.  Videos are great for SEO and also for social sharing.

Settle into a content frequency pattern.

An effective way on how to create contents that drive traffic is by creating those contents at specific intervals as putting up different contents erratically might bore your audience as they don’t know when and where to access your contents. It is advised that you keep your target audience in mind when creating contents so you know when to post your contents, how frequent to post them and what time is convenient for them to access it.

Without a consistent and diligent frequency pattern you can’t expect to attract your target audience and gain organic traffic.

In summary, there are a number of other ways to generate great content that drive traffic This list is most certainly not the be-all or end-all of the type of content you can create.  So play around, experiment, and see what works for your brand.  Make a plan and follow it.

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