How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

A Promotional Plan is an inherent part of executing your marketing and ensuring you meet your objectives for the year. Without it, all the efforts you put into making those great content marketing plans could be wasted. Before tips on how to create a promotion plan are given, we would discuss a bit on what promotions are and its different types or elements.

Promotion is a mix of communications created to provide or give information about a company and its products/services to prospective customers. Your promotion needs to be persuasive enough to elicit a desired response. The objective and aim of promotion is either to sell more products or services to existing clients and/or to acquire new customers

A Promotional Plan covers all types of communication between the seller (you) and your audience of potential or existing clients. There are various elements of a promotion plan:

  • Advertising

Advertising is paid promotion and includes offline and online media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television, billboard, subway, direct mail, banner advertising, flyer advertising, email marketing, etc. For most individuals, the most effective forms of advertising have proven to be direct mail, source book advertising and on-line portfolios.

  • Personal Selling

Personal Selling involves meeting with an interested buyer, showing your portfolio and selling your vision.

  • Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion involves paid (generally) marketing communication activities other than advertising, publicity or personal selling. Examples of sales promotion activities include your website, email marketing, your blog, catalogues or brochures, reprints of advertisements, tradeshows, hosting a cocktail party or event, etc.

Now that promotion plan has been highlighted, how do we create winning content for various promotion plans?

Without promoting your content, it just stays on your website looking nice. If your website is highly SEO optimized, some people might come across it through search engines – and it ends there.

Without promoting your content, it doesn’t actually go anywhere. It’s like a smart phone without internet connection or more like a river with water. Every content marketing strategy needs a promotional plan because more than 50% of companies or individuals do content marketing. It is how you create your content that makes you stand out in the midst of your competitors.

Some tips on how to create winning content are highlighted thus:

Know Your Target Audience

Before you are able to develop a specific type of content, first you’ll need to establish a target audience and create a profile or specific buyer profile that will guide your content creation moving forward. Gather as much detail about your audience as possible. Some of the following information should be noted and followed when creating content for your target market

  • Know their interests: Knowing the interests of your target audience is essential to creating a winning content as producing content that are not similar to their interest sets you back, as it would look like you are trying to force your content on them
  • Know where and when to meet target audience congregate: Creating a content that would arouse your target interest is not enough as you have to know when and where to put those contents that would be accessible to your audience.
  • Know what types of content they consume and share: This is also necessary as bad contents do not catch their interest if it’s not something that is really catchy to them.
  • Know the best way to reach our target audience: Creating great content is not good enough if it’s not getting across to your target audience. It is important you discover the best channels in which to get across to your target audience

Determine Content Types that Suit Your Goals

Once your objectives are established on how to know your target audience and engage them, you outline contents that that would help you in reaching your aims or objectives. A well thought out content marketing plan will include a variety of content types. From blog posts and EBooks to whitepapers and infographics, there is no shortage of available avenues to reach your audience.

If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, focus on creating content that’s easy to find with strong ties to your industry or business. Some examples of these content types include email and newsletters, targeted Facebook ads, blog contents. It is advised that you know the best content that suits your online business strength given available resources and focus on them

Create an Execution Plan

Now that you have created your content marketing goals, identified your target audience, and determined the various types of content that will support both, it is time to formulate an execution plan. This step-by-step road map should depict how an idea becomes a finished product. This plan not only adds stability to your content marketing efforts, but also ensures that you can track the progress of every piece of content. A content marketing execution plan should include how to schedule how each content would occur to the last detail. You should create a content marketing schedule and assign or share with your team I you have any.

The creation of content will need to be assigned to writers, copy editors, designers, or videographers. You may also have a project lead managing the various steps along the path to final approval. Regardless of the structure, each person should know where they fit into the process and what their responsibilities are for a given content project.

Design a Promotion Process

Once great contents are created, they have to be promoted, the avenues and channels you use for promoting those contents to produce maximum results and impact are very necessary.

A winning content promotion process ensures that efforts spent at creating content are maximized. So it is important that you know where to promote your contents, time duration of promotion, and how much money to spend on the promotion.

One of the effective ways to promote winning contents in order to drive traffic to it is to pick channel/channels that work. The channels determine the amount of publicity these created content gets and some of these channels include ads marketing, email marketing, and various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc.

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