The word “solo ads “has been a popular term mainly associated with online marketing for a number of years. A solo ad is kind of an email advertisement where you borrow or rent someone else’s email list and promote your product or service. They are in other words referred to as paid email traffic.

It is an online business venture in which you rent a list of emails to build your personal mailing list if you don’t have one yet. This is done by looking for people who have or own large mailing list or a large list of subscribers that are closely related to the niche which you require. Once found, you rent their list and they send your emails to rented subscribers

Solo ads are one of the easiest ways to make money online. You could earn $40 to $100 daily in less than 4 months. The trick here is patience and a little bit of hard work in order to grow your solo ads once you consider it a business venture. Once you put in efforts of 1-3 hours daily, you could get a nice return on your investments in a couple of months.

Solo ads require a bit of financial investment to set up. The larger the funds you invest into solo ads, the faster your chances of breaking even and making some nice income on a daily basis. The key to breaking even and making that extra cash you require is continuous investment, patience and persistence

Now breaking even on solo ads is a bit tricky as a lot of individuals or groups alike have tried and gotten it wrong, losing money in the process and discouraging others from investing by calling it online Ponzi schemes. This is because they have the wrong notion on what it takes to break even or even make profit with paid traffic. The cold truth is that a lot of persons are breaking even and making so much money by investing in solo ads online marketing.  The idea is to know how to, and instead of people asking questions like “do people breakeven on solo ads”? the real question should be “how to break even on solo ads

A lot of professionals who have ventured into solo ads marketing and made fortunes on it gave some tips on how to break even on solo ads. They suggested that one of the secrets of breaking even and getting nice returns is by generating traffic and having it pay for itself. The only pitfall is that most people are inclined to make quick bucks and this becomes their downfall as email marketing doesn’t work that way as it is a long term project that could be monetized continuously if cultivated properly.

Some of the strategies on how to breakeven on solo ads are:


Most online marketing business are like pyramids and solo ads is not left out. The base of the pyramid is wide but as move forward it gets narrow. Most newbies who invest in solo ads prefer to get their money at the base of the pyramid because it’s like the only fruit they see dangling out of a huge tree. There’s some money when starting solo ads but there’s enough money to break even and more as you move up the pyramid. One of the secrets of getting enough money to break even is by pushing your money to the top of the pyramid by offering large tickets back ends. You don’t make enough money to break even on solo ads by selling a lot of frontends. Patience is key to this as most online marketers and investors are not patient to bide the tide.


One of the ways on how to break even on solo ads is by building a backend. One of the methods of getting a steady income is getting good and high converting offers to a growing backend. It’s difficult to break even selling stuffs like $7 widgets and the key here is getting high backend margins that allow you to buy more ads as well as ensure that you have larger error margins. The fact that high back ends puts ahead of your competitors because it gives you sales funnels that produce enough income no matter the traffic you use.

  • Add an OTO (one time offer) to Your Sales Funnel

An effective way of breaking even on solo ads is by announcing or introducing an OTO (one time offer) on your online sales funnel. All you need do is set up your auto responder to single opt in so that whenever anybody enters their email address on the opt-in box, they subscribe to your mailing list and are automatically redirected to your one-time offer.

This page is shown immediately to your new subscriber and allows you make front end sales and build your mailing list for free. This way you make sales from paid traffic you first invested in.

  • Add an up-sell to your sales funnel

Another secret on how to break even and even make a steady income on solo ads is by adding an up- sell to your sales funnel. An up-sell is not really difficult to set up, all you need do is direct someone to your high-priced up-sell product once they buy your one-time offer.

  • Add a 2nd up-sell to your sales funnel

Once the one time offer and up-sell sales funnel are working effectively, you add a 2nd up-sell to your sales funnel that enables you increase your profit from paid traffic solo ads operations.

Once you have the first two parts of your sales funnel up and running; you can then look at adding a second up-sell to your sales funnel to further increase your profits from your paid traffic Solo ad campaigns. So for example if you were to add 500 people into your sales funnel after you have purchased paid traffic in the form of a solo ad and 10% of the traffic purchased your one-time offer; you would go on to make 50 sales.

After making the initial one-time-offer purchase your prospect would then see your first up-sell. So if that converted at 20% you would then go on to make a further 10 sales from your first up-sell.

As soon as those 10 prospects buy your first up-sell they will then be directed to your second up-sell. So if that converted at 30% you would make another 4 sales from your second up-sell.

This is just an example of how you can set up a simple sales funnel that turns Solo ad paid traffic campaigns into highly lucrative ones that allow you break even.

These are some of the methods on how you can break even on solo ads.

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