Here’s why you cannot make money online!

Because you think you can’t.

I hear a lot of excuses why people do not try to follow their dreams and star out that online business that they dream of.

So I want to share my story, because if I can do it anyone can do this.

And I’m talking about a complete life change!

When I grew up I was actually suffering from very bad depressions and I jumped out of school, was up late every night in front of my computer, drank a lot of alcohol and was just about a complete mess.

When I finally moved to my own apartment when I was 18 I was living on social security for years. I mean I was literally having to save all my money just to afford to pay the rent and food. I was actually unemployed for seven years.

At the age of 21 I started looking for ways to make money online and it took me about nine years to finally make any money at all online.

I decided to change my life somehow but at this point I was just thinking of having enough money to support myself.

At the age of 25 I started working and I went from work to work doing truck driving until I hurt my back very bad and I went back to social security for a few years. During my rehabilitation I was working at support call center and later on I found a work on a Telemarketing callcenter.

And that’s when changes started taking place for real.I learned how to sell.

At this point I practically had given up making money online but I was thinking. What if? What if I could put my selling notice into practice online?

I knew I was on to something and went back to trying to make money online.

I tried everything, blogging, paid to click programs, dropshipping on ebay and I was doing this for years until I finally came across a video training that introduced me to list building.

I learned how to setup a mechanism where I could easily pay for traffic sent to a lead colecting page and then expose the visitors to an offer so I made money back instantly and I got paid to build my list.

I made money online.

Today Life is trating me good, I’ve quit my work and doing full time list building online. I have more time to spend with my family and I have more money to do something with my time.

I completely turned it around completely from being a depressed nobody to becoming a positive thinking entrepreneur who make five figures a month.

And I wish absolutely nobody to go through the things that I’ve done, learning from hard and painful trial and error so I opened up a coaching program and made it my goal to help other people breakthrough.

Believe in yourself!

To help you even further I recommend you to get involved with the Empower Network, simply because I can help you succeed for free, just as long as you get into my team.

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