Facebook For Business 101

Do you feel overwhealmed when people talk about marketing on facebook?

Let’s eliminate the guesswork, slor down and take some time to learn the stuff first. In this article you will learn what you need to know to get started. That being said there will still be more to learn but if you apply the information in this article then you should be able to bring a lot of paying customers to your offers.

First, create a unique Facebook page that stands out from others in your niche, if you want, take a look at mine here: https://www.facebook.com/marketingwithsven/

Key to market well on Facebook is to not look like anyone else, my page for eample since I’m marketing myself as an internet marketing consultant I also share things that most people would on their personal profile, goal here is not to only post marketing advise but also have a fun and engaging page.

Start surfing Facebook as your page instead of your personal profile, like and comment on other pages with similar fan bases as yours, this will get your name out there to a wider audience.

Focus all of your posts towards your industry and make sure they are relevant and informative to your fans and customers so they will be interesting for them. It doesn’t make sense to promote wight loss products to someone who’s looking to make money or how to cure their hair loss.

Boost your posts and page using Facebook ads to  grow your fan base quicker and make sure you target them good as well.

Think of Facebook as a dialogue. A lot of people when they begin Facebook marketing, talk AT their audience. You need to talk WITH your audience. Feel like you are having a conversation with them, not like you are announcing things to them. Remember, Facebook is a social medium. You need to be social.

Facebook can help you get the word out about a webinar, launch or even just an interesting article that you wrote. All you got to do is setup a post and boost it with Facebook ads to make it a promoted post. If it’s good you can also promote it to non fans.

When using Facebook to promote your business, use photos to convey messages. Photos are a great way to showcase what you have to offer. They also allow you to write in descriptions and additional information that your users will find helpful or interesting. Don't neglect to describe your photos, you will be missing out on key SEO and search capabilities.

Try using call to actions to increase conversions in both your page info and posts. Ask people to like a post will increase the chance that they do so and you may even add an incentive such as a discount ot a free gift in exchange for a like.

If you don't want to do all of the work by yourself you may consider outsourcing it, it's dirt cheap to get a freelancer to do it from a third world country. Check out Freelancer.com to find freelancers. Facebook has become very competitive recently due to its high rate of use, and because of this it can be hard for an amateur to create a quality page that can stand out. If you do not feel comfortable on Facebook this is probably your best bet.

If you have a physical business, take advantage of the Facebook Places feature. With it you can let people know the place of your business. If you don't link your places page people will see a generic page. Instead you want them to see a page with all of the correct branding for your business.

Add Facebook sharing buttons to everything, your web site, blog posts and even emails. Most blog platforms integrate this automatically but in some cases you need to paste a piece of code generated from Facebook. Do not ignore the fact that these buttons are key to get people to actually share your content because how could they if there is no button to do so?

Use custom tabs on your page in order to organize the information of your Facebook page which help your fans to find what they are looking for. For example if you have a contest going put that in a separate tab.

NEVER EVER buy fans in order to make you look more popular than you are. It may be tempting but a word of warning you will be throwing your cash away but those fans bring nothing not sales and no traffic. Those selling fans add fake fans to your site using automated software and not real people. Imagine if you have a shop and you stuff your shop full of dolls that look human but they never shop anything so stay away from this.

Do not forget to put contact information on your business's Facebook page. This should include the same of your business, your phone number and the address of your business. If a person is interested in what they see on your Facebook page, it's crucial that they have your contact information to learn more.

Post daily on your Facebook page, don't just create your business page and post heck of a lot of useless shit the first day, this is not a set and forget thing to do.You have to keep your page updated on a regular basis to show your fans that you care about them.

Social media is much bigger than just Facebook so make sure you cross promote your fan page on other networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

Respond to everything that is posted on your wall. If someone takes the time to speak to you on your profile page, then you need to make the time to speak back to them. You should consider a Facebook post like an email or a telephone call.

Make sure you add pictures to your profile page, people like pictures and are more likely to engage with your page comparing to a boring page with just a lot of text. Your fans should be able to see what you have to offer and they will also feel a bigger connection with you or your business.

It is always best to remain humble through your social media messages. Even if your company is massive, followers won't be impressed by posts that are filled with arrogance. Your strength is maintained only by the customers who give it to you in the first place. They are essential to your success.

Add a link to your Facebook page with a like button on your web site or blog so people can find you on Facebook more easy. You can easily find HTML codes for these in the settings of your Facebook profile. This will allow your visitors to 'like' your page and subscribe to your posts without having to look you up on Facebook.

Always remember who your audience is in your social media marketing campaigns and what matters the most to them. You need to post content that is applicable to them and focus your efforts in ways that keep their attention. Your posts should be relevant and of high quality that your followers and fans do not just skip them over because they are not interested.

As stated before in the introduction for this article, social media has become dominant in today's society. The ability for users to create and share content has allowed social media to take precedence over other forms of media. By using the information in this article, you can use social media as a marketing platform.


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