I receive a lot of emails regarding The Empower Network from people asking me if it’s a scam or not. Afterall there’s a lot of bad reviews arount the internet about it. The ironic thing about those reviews is that the writers usually promote something else in the end of their blog posts or articles and that leaves me to only one conclusion. The people who write this reviews are fake. I mean if somebody write a review full of complaints and ending it with a line “For a real way of making money online sign up here” then it is pretty clear to me what they are trying to do, however it might not be clear to an inexperienced marketer. So here’s why some people call it the “Empower Network scam“.

They simply use a well known business name to rank their posts and find people who’s looking for business opportunities to drag them into their own business opportunity. That’s a pretty ugly way to do marketing in my opinion.

That’s why I’ve made up my mind to write a 100% real Empower Network review, digging deep into what it is and explain how it works. To do this I actually signed up for the program myself to learn everything about it and I can tell that after years of experience online I was quite surprised.

So let me start with talking about the pro’s and con’s about The Empower Network.

The Con’s:

  • Has a startup cost of minimum $44.95
  • It’s very saturated as a lot of people promote the same thing.
  • Has a lot of scam complaints in reviews around the internet as I talked about above.

Now let me comment on this. First of all every businesses has costs and since they pay you a 100% commissions they need to have an administration fee to manage the company so there’s a fee to be an active affiliate of $19.95 per month and in addition to that you get a complete blog setup for you for an additional $25 per month, that’s a total of $44.95. The beauty of the blog you get is that you get an high authority viral blog which is designed by marketers for marketers, which is very easy to rank on Google and Bing. Besides that it’s monetized and helps you to drive traffic just by blogging daily. (I actually never made any money blogging before I got into the Empower Network since I build my income only with paid traffic before.) So you get a lot of value for the money here. Besides once you referred only two paying members you’re in profit since you earn $25 per month for selling the blogging platform.

It is a bit saturated because all of the members are promoting the same stuff but this is not only a bad thing, it’s also good because people are familiar with it which makes it easier for you to build trust and make sales.

As I talked about in the introduction The Empower Network has it’s fair share of scam complaints but any business opportunity has that. Mostly from members who failed simply because they were to lazy and didn’t take action with their business and from people ranking on their company name just to promote other business opportunities. But it is 100% possible to make A LOT of money with The Empower Network so I can ensure that whatever scam complaints that you read about are false.

The Pro’s

  • All of the tech stuff is set up FOR you so you can focus on marketing.
  • In fact the marketing itself on site is also setup for you and proven to work so you only need to focus on traffic.
  • Pay’s you 100% commissions on residual income, earn up to $197 per month and per customer you refer.
  • Has tons of Upsells so you can earn high ticket commissions on one time purchases as well.
  • The best compensation plan I’ve ever seen in any affiliate or MLM opportunity.
  • You have a team round you to support you to help and support you until you succeed.
  • It’s proven to convert very well.

As anyone starts out online the biggest issue they face is that they do not know enough tech stuff to setup a website and even if they do they usually do not know how to setup one that sells. With The Empower Network they do not have to think of this since everything is already in place and the sales funnels is being constantly split tested and optimized for maximum conversions. This allow you to focus on one thing only and that’s marketing, in other words driving traffic to your capture page.

Now here’s the beauty of this, as you drive traffic you are building a mailing list and since you earn money from your leads as they buy into The Empower Network you simply eliminate your advertising costs and get paid just to build your mailing list.

The Empower Network offers three products which are subscription products and pays you on a recurring basis every month but that’s not enough, since they also have a lot of upsells of one time payment products which is everything from mid ticket to high ticket products you can earn over a thousand dollars on just one of your referrals.

The Compensation Plan

The Empower Network’s compensation plan is among the bes I’ve ever seen in my life. Inside the Empower Network you’ll find a lot of products that is digitally delivered and there are a few subscription products which can pay you up to $197 / Month and per customer. So just referring 10 people who got all three subscription products will earn you almost $2000 per month since the pay residual 100% commission. That’s what I call crazy.

Apart from that there are also a few high ticket products which has a one time payment so you’ll get paid for your customer’s upgrading as well. This can grow very profitable in a very short time.

No here’s the thing, The Empower Network is not only an internet marketing opportunity, it’s also an MLM opportunity so buy simply teaching your referrals to do exactly what you are doing, they will start generating even more revenue for you. Every fifth sale they make are passed up to you on a residual basis as well and the deeper you go in your downline the, sales are being passed up to you even from the referrals of your referrals.

So just imagine how quick this can grow if you just teach your people to do what you do and get them to teach their referrals the same thing. Your business will literally explode.

Should I join?

Since you can get started for only $44.95 a month, yes you should join the Empower Network, but not just under anyone!

The key here is to sign up under a sponsor who knows what he’s doing and who is able to teach you to do what works instead of stumble around in the dark. Now personally I have been in the internet marketing scene for 13 years and it was only four years ago I actually started seing success. In other words I struggled for nine years before I had my breakthrough so I learned my lessons through a whole lot of trial and error, which means I have the experience to help you for real.

Here’s what you get for your $44.95 a month.

First you get access to a done for you blog which is called the Kalatú Blogging system which is already setup for marketing and it looks very nice as well. And the best part with this blog is that since all members are blogging on the same domain you instantly have a lot of authority and rank your content very fast in the search engines like Google and Bing.

The Kalatú blogging system is a total of $25 / month.

You’ll also get access to the affililiate system which has an admin fee of $19,95 / month. The reason they charge this is because since they are paying a 100% commissions on the products they simply need to have some fee for keeping the company around. The total will be $44.95 to start out and apart from that you’ll also get access to me as your personal coach to help you out step by step.

Basically if you do what I tell you, you will make money, period! 

It’s been working for me and hundreds of people so the way I see it, anyone that’s not making money is because they do not take action. So take control over your life and take action right now!

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