As you are going through your startup online, you most certainly will be dealing with finding the best use of your time. Keeping track on what you are doing and when you are things comes naturally to some people and as a shock to others. Personally I was somewhere in between. Looking through your priorities and finding what is most important is a good start though most of the time it will not take you the whole way to where you need to be. Making a schedule is another way and if you are disciplined and have a good overview of your life it may be enough. If you are someone who has a history of improvising, do not worry, we can help you get on top of handling time as well.

I myself is a bit of an improviser, Sven, on the other hand, is structured and is a natural when it comes using his time in an optimal way.

Before going online, I usually got along rather well improvising, but online it so easy to get frustrated with new things to do and lots to learn, that you start feel like adding some extra hours to the day in order for life to work. I was following a schedule, but still things did not go as I hoped for and I started to feel less good about being online.

A few weeks into this I found a way around this to make life online more enjoyable and it only took me a few hours to do it.

I stopped looking at my life thinking of it as something scheduled and started to see my life as a bunch of processes instead.

Start step by step.

Finish where each step is represented by a square with lines separating the boxes giving me a good overview what was going on in my life in different areas.

I did one process for everyday life, one for work, one for hobbies, and one for family/relationships. Of course, I have lots of subprocesses in each area like writing articles, creating products, write blog posts etc.

By looking at my life in this way, and realizing that it would be a great idea to buy a diary and start keeping track of what I am doing with my time. Having the processes in place and keeping track of what I was doing was a real eye-opener for me and within a few days I was saving myself hours each day by improving the processes I started using to get from where I was to where I want to be. Examples of changes were spending even less time on Facebook, only checking my mail twice a day, eliminating things I was doing that were wasting my time and gave me little or no value.

So if you are not organized like I was and hate planning too much ahead. There is a solution that works for you as well. Write down what you do and how you do it and most importantly: Ask yourself, can this be done in a more efficient way that makes my life better.

A saying that I like, written in my words goes “if you struggle with making it into a process, you have no clue of what you are doing”

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