Covert Commissions Review

The IM Weath Builders, Soren Jordansen, John Merrick and Cindy Donovan released this beast and it’s going to change the game of internet marketing if you ask me.

Covert Commissions is not near the only products released by these team and it’s certainly not the last and as an experienced marketer hyped products like this one always raise my suspicision simply because when something sound to good to be true it is. That’s exactly why I wrote this review.

But this is different, let’s dive into it.

So what is Covert Commissions?

Basically it is a done for you system which means that is is a funnel that you can use to make money if you market it the right way, no push button riches or overhyped programs it is a pure and clean sales funnel which you need to promote in order to make money.

It mainly consists of done for you lead capture pages or opt-in pages if you will. That you send traffic to, builds your list and make sales up front so you make commissions while building your list (the name it’s kinda revealing isn’t it?).

Covert Commissions is offered both on JVZoo and Clickbank and The IM Wealth Builders claim you can easily make four figures a day with this thing and I agree you CAN and WILL if you put in the necessary work and buy traffic BUT let’s face it only 4% of people marketing online actually make a profit and 96% fail. However that goes for any program or product and fails mostly due to lack of action and then people run and shout scam.

So instead of shouting scam, only buy this if you are going to ACTUALLY follow the training inside it. Because if you do not you are probably better of on a 9 to 5 work.

So how much does it cost me?

Just forget the hype that may sound like this…

-Top Secret: For Your Eyes Online!
-Final Notice: Only Three Spots Left!
-Keep This A Secret!

Bah, that makes me sick, if I got a dollar everytime I heard that I wouldn’t have to do marketing online. All of those subject lines or eye grabbers are there for one purpose only, catch your attention and make you hit the order button by inflicting scarciry and fear of loss. Usually the countdown timers on some websites are actually so sneaky that the offer is not really expiring it is just a cookie based timer so if you watch the website from another browser or clean your cookies the timer will restart.

But it is an effective marketing strategy and that is also why Covert Commissions will convert your visitors into leads and sales.

Since I started marketing online back in 2007 I came to the conclusion that even with a done for you system, coaching and mentoring will always be a central part in becoming successful.

Anyway the price is $97 so most people can afford it and when they run a promotion it may be lowered temporarily as for now when I write this review it is $37.


How does it actually work?

Well it is actually very simple, once you are inside the members area you get different missions which consists of different affiliate products to promote.

Internet marketers like the one’s in the team of The IM Wealth Builders who have been doing marketing for years have learned how the vast majority of people reacts and responds to certain things and can predict how people will react and what actions they will take. That is why their products convert so well and that is why you can be assured that if you send traffic to these offers you will make your commissions.

Here’s what you get


  • 1

    Ready To Go Affiliate Funnel

    Complete 100% Setup which is done for you, plug and play. All you got to do is start sending traffic to it.

  • 2

    Pick Your "Missions"

    Here's the first upsell. Covert Commissions will give you 5 credits for joining. From there you need to purchase the products that you will promote. However this is also how you make money when your visitors convert and buys credits. Once you’ve selected your “mission”, you are given a variety of promotional tools.

  • 3

    Promo Tools

    Wrote for you e-mail swipes, Tweets, Facebook posts, PPC ads, banners and much more.

  • 4

    Done For You Squeeze Pages

    Your landing pages to send traffic to. These are key in your success, you need to send traffic to these pages and when people Opt-In YOU build your own email list and from the email follow ups provided to you you will convert more visitors into subscribers and sales.


So if you know how to market or if you are prepared to learn and actually take action this is a kickass product but you have to remember that it misses one thing…

The one and only thing Covert Commissions actually miss is TRAFFIC!

And here where you come into the picture, by promoting your missions and sending traffic to it you also send traffic to The IM Wealth Builders and you grow your own as well as their business.

While I always recommend anyone to build their own products and have affiliates promoting them (Kind of exactly what The IM Wealth Builders is doing here) I also find many people do not want their own products, handling refund request, customer support and not to mention all of the tech stuff. This product is extremely good for anyone who wants to have a sales funnel without having to build it themselves.

However the big winners will still be IM Wealth Builders because they are the ones that have thousands of members promoting THEM.

On the other hand they are also the company that pays you instant commissions for promoting a system that they provide you with.

It’s a win win situation.

All in all you can make great profits with it and that’s what we are all here for, or am I wrong?

Feel free to leave me a comment or question below and I’ll get back to you, have a nice day!


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