Simply but, I charge so much because it works and people are prepared to pay for it.

I mean when considering to take personal coaching they get access to my experience, knowledge and help on their way to start making money online. No matter what the investment is one thing is sure though. Once people start practising what I teach they also start generating income beyond their imagination. People are prepared to pay $2,500, $5,000 and even $10,000 to get personal coaching so I charge ridiculous amounts.

Here’s another reason though

People who spend big money on coaching are way more likely to actually follow through with the program and become successful. If they made a payment which hurt, then they are also much more eager to earn their money back while people who spend $10 on an info product never takes any action. That’s a big difference.

Also I’m making a commitment and putting a lot of time on my clients success so I expect to be well compensated for my time, simple as it may sound.

Why coaching works

Well as I mentioned about people are more eager to get deliverance for their hard earned money and therefore they open their minds into trying something new.

While a coach with great expertise can easily point their students in the right direction.

Personally I’m not happy with pointing them right, I get my hands dirty, work with their websites, bust their asses and absolutely do not quit until they are seing consistent income from their online business.

If they are the ones to give up, that’s a complete different story and it happens sadly enough even with people who paid a fortune. Some does not follow through because they have to work for it or they do not show up to live calls.

Nor do some people take their business seriously.

So basically I charge so much just because I don’t want to waste my time on tire kickers.

I want to work with a handful of people who are committed to their success and those are actually very fun to help and see when their life changes.

Are you the next one?

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