Do you want to stop hackers from taking out your websites?

In this Cloud Defender Review I’ll will go in deep on what Cloud Defender is and what it can do for you and your business.

There’s a lot of software out there to protect your sites and if you want to get rid of the most dangerous hackers you definitely should have a look at Cloud Defender.

The most common hacking activity is a Distrubuted Denial of Service knos as a DDoS attack, which basically causes a site to go down from massive amounts of fake traffic sent to literally overload the server.


So why is this a concern of yours?

Do you remember October 21st 2016?

It was when big sites like PayPal, Twitter, Amazon and many more BIG web sites went down for a whole day, that’s the kind of damage a DDoS attack can cause.


So you do you stop It?

Bad news is, you can’t stop it from happening.

Good news is, there’s software that mitigate and avoid the attack by protecting your site but they are usually very expensive.

That’s where Cloud Defender com in handy, it is a powerful protection system that includes 4 plugins and tutorials that help you protect your sites or your clients’ sites from DDoS attacks.

It doesn’t only lock down your server, it also speed up your web site and decrease load times, this basically means it would result in a boost in conversions and it’s good for SEO.

For more information and getting your copy of Cloud Defender click here.


Back in October 2016 when the huge DDOS attacks happend and They took down major authority websites including Twitter, Spotify, CNN, PayPal and even Amazon!

Imagine how massive an attack would have to be to do that, this  companies spend thousands if not millions of dollars on their servers, yet it was brought down by this attack.

What we didn’t know is, there’s actually a free way you can setup a virtual ‘cloud’ based fence that will protect your site from all of this. And it’s all covered on Cloud Defender.

The best part?

It cost less than a Pizza!

Boring? No Way!

Half the internet was down on October 21st, that we all know, right?

The security market online is so massive and it is growing like crazy and I’m sure that Cloud defender definitely will put up some competition out there.

It’s got a strong license for those who want to make money for themselves with Cloud Defender by securing their clients sites. It includes developer rights so you can sell it and keep the money you make.

Matt Garrett is behind Cloud Defender who is also behind JVZoo’s top selling WordPress security offer, Blog Defender (which is also in the funnel at a special discount price).

No tech skills required - Everything is explained step by step!

You could be setting up this for free if you are a tech expert but most of us are not so Cloud Defender take care of this for us.



How Cloud Defender Works?

Below is the 3 quick steps to make it work for you...

Here’s what it does:

  • -It block scrapers, bots, DDOS attacks and other malicious stuff.
  • -It increases your SEO score with faster loading times.
  • -It cover ANY site you protect with Cloudflare with a double redundant system that ENSURES your sites stay online no matter what!
  • -Earn monthly passive income by selling it thanks to the developer's licence.

What Cloud Defender Could Do For You....

1. Without CloudDefender

Risk your server being vulnerable to all manner of bad bot and page scrapers

Risk VASTLY decreased page load times

Face potential excess bandwidth charges

Possible lose SEO ranking

Possibly increase visitor bounce rate

Decrease conversions

Risk your sites going offline at a moment’s notice

Risk losing access to your leads & ongoing income from ALL your revenue generating sites

2. With CloudDefender

  • Completely secure your server against bad bot traffic, page scrapers & hacking attempts at the server level
  • Enjoy optimal website load times
  • Prevent excess bandwidth overage charges
  • Increase SEO scores
  • Reduce visitor bounce rate
  • Increase conversions
  • Ensure your sites stay online, no matter what
  • Protect your leads, subscriber details, current AND future income

Use the above table as your very own pitch to sell the service! The included developer rights mean you can change the name and brand the service as your very own.

Cloud Defender FAQ

Will this work on my Mac?

Absolutely. Just like WordPress, CloudDefender is a cloud-based solution that works on any operating system. If you’ve got internet access, this will work for you!

Will CloudDefender protect against ANY attack?

As of today, we can say CloudDefender will secure your SERVER from 99.9% of any potential vulnerabilites. It’s impossible to stay ahead of every threat, but this customized solution is the most cutting edge security protocol available at any price. The great news is CloudDefender turns your servers into MAJOR headaches for potential hackers, meaning most will take one look and move one.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

If you’ve got a WP site, you know everything you need to follow the simple instructions to set up CloudDefender. Installation is as simple as activating a few plugins and following the step by step training.

How Do I Make Money With This?

In addition to maximizing profit potential from your own sites, your investment includes developer rights. Meaning you can sell CloudDefender as a service to as many clients as you choose. Change the name, rebrand it and offer ongoing web security services to any client with a WP site, in any niche.

Final Thoughts

With Cloud Defender you’ll be able to completely secure your server against bad bot traffic, page scrapers & hacking attempts at the server level.

As of today, we can say Cloud Defender will secure your SERVER from 99.9% of any potential vulnerabilites.

Cloud Defender will not just lock down your entire server, but will also speed up your site load times 🙂

Check it out now and let me know if you have any questions.


Check It Out Now!30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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