Since I noticed that many people starting our online are struggling real hard to build a list and lack traffic is always the issue here and most newbies cannot afford paid traffic.

I developed a way to make the paid traffic pay for itself and even make a profit from it.

While building your list.

  1. Self Liquidating List
    First you got to setup a series of web pages starting with a squeeze page (Opt-In page) where users enter their emails.
    If you don’t know how to do this, I covered in this post how to setup a website with dragging and dropping.
    Or you can use any of the programs in this post to get this setup.
    But instead of the traditional way of giving away a free gift. Instead you send the traffic after their Opt-In right to a paid offer that is well converting and have a few upsells.
    The best way to do this is by having your own product because that way you get paid instantly which means you can reinvest your profits right into your business as soon as possible.
    Of course remember to test and tweak the offer or if you’re doing an affiliate offer try different offers until you break even or make a profit whenever you send paid traffid to your sales funnel.
  2. Let’s talk traffic
    Seriously I don’t know anything about free traffic so you should get paid traffic but not the traditional Google Adwords, Bing PPC or Facebook Ads…
    No you should buy solo ads. A solo ad means that you buy a certain amount of clicks from a person who has a mailing list and the he or her will email your offer to his list.
    This is way better because the traffic is not cold, the list owner has a relationship with his list and because of that people are more likely to buy from you simply because the list owner recommended your offer.
    I recommend two places to find list owners that you can buy solo ads from.
    Warrior Forum Classified Ads:

Good luck!

I shared this because I believe that it will help you to get started building a list even i you are low on money. To get started with the most powerful offer which will definitely increase your chances of making profits with solo ads you should really have a look on the Empower Network.

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