Surprisingly few people online have asked themselves this question. How does it feel to land on your page, and what obstacles have you laid out without knowing for people visiting your site that increases the risks of them leaving without even looking at your offer. Have you ever asked yourself, why would people landing at your page continue reading instead of just closing the page after 5 seconds? What is your first reaction when seeing your page, if you have a hard time being objective, ask one of your friends to have a look. Life online is in many ways the same as offline. In the same way as most people look at what you are wearing, how you are talking and what places you are seen, people can follow what you are doing and what you are writing online. Depending on how and what you are writing people will have a tendency to decide whether they want to do business with you or not. By writing in a certain way you may attract one type of buyers and discourage another. Depending on if you are into coaching or selling products you may choose if you want to sell to a crowd that you naturally would get along with that are similar to you or if you like to use a different language style appealing to people with a different background than yourself.

A good start of action is asking yourself what are the things I can do that would be valuable to other people and how can I use this to motivate these people to spend their hard-earned money.
What sets you apart from the next guy who has a page on the internet, can people relate to you or not. Are people happy with your product or do you have lots of refunds, if you have refunds in addition to refunding, send a message to them asking what went wrong and how they would like to see the product improved in order to be happy and offer the people offering the best feedback the product for free and shows them that you care about delivering a product that is worth the money that they have spent with you. You can also send a mail to people who has bought your product asking for their thoughts nd make sure that you use the feedback from people wanting refunds and customers to make your products even better and reward goog feedback with a better deal on your next product.

So make sure you make it as difficult as possible to turn down your offer and build a relationship with your list and use their thoughts to increase your success online.People who are successful see the results of their actions and act accordingly while those who do not succeed see some of their results as failures and invent excuses to cover up for the same results.

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