The internet has given us the chance to do business all around the world, no matter where we are as long as we have a connectionto the internet. This is an advantage, however it’s also available to billions of other people who sell all sorts of products or services. A lot of them similar to yours, in other words you got a lot of competition baby.

Because of this competition is hard since the web is so freakin’ big only the pro’s succeed. If you want to be successful your web site has to stand out and make its presence known like no other or your business will be doomed to mediocrity or even a complete failure, no matter how excellent your product or service may be.

In order for you to succeed you need to differenciate yourself, your product or your service from others and you do that through your advertising, that’s why it is so important to actually do advertising.

(Did you know that 80% of failing online business do fail because they do not take action and advertise?)
“Advertise of die!”

Advertising online can be done in many ways. But remember, you have to take massive action and drastic measures to promote your web site and make it stand out from others.


E-Zines: Online Magazines of the World

The themes are on specific subjects which are read by those interested in that particular subject. These readers are, therefore, potential customer for that product/service. Advertising your web site in E-zines that are related to your business/product will almost guarantee to drive traffic to your web site and help increase sales for your services/products. When advertising in E-zines, ensure that you do not advertise alongside competitors.

Enquire beforehand whether there is a policy concerning posting competing advertisements. It would be a good preparatory measure to subscribe to the E-zine first prior to making a decision whether or not to advertise there. An E-zine that runs fewer advertisements is a better choice than one that runs many. To find publications that are relevant to your business, look at the Online Directory of Ezines.


Pay-Per-Click Programs

PPC is a great way to advertise your product or service, eliminating the risk of advertising in the wrong place. Since you only pay for actual clicks that leads to your web site, you can be sure of that those clicking your ad at least have some interest in your offer, since they actually took action and clicked on your add.

The most known PPC around is Google adwords where you pay for clicks coming from search results of specific keywords you choose. It can’t get any more targeted than that. You can read more about using Google adwords in this post (click here).

Bing and Facebook also have their own PPC which generates great results for millions of people. Some web sites also allow you to put a banner on their web site and pay only for clicks generated to your web site.

*Warning: Some PPC programs have fake clicks, make sure to monitor your traffic to make sure you only pay for quality traffic.



With this form of advertising you only pay for results, you only pay when the visitor take a specific action on your web site. For example: download a trial, fill out a form, or enter a sweepstake, or whatever you choose.

This is a great way to get results but it’s usually more expensive than paying for a click.


Opt-In Email

I’ve said it before and I say it again…

The money is in the list!

This is the BEST way to advertise your business and here’s why.

First of all whatever business you are in make sure you build your own list, build a relationship with your subscribers. I’m not gonna go into how to build a list but I’ve linked to some other posts covering that in the end of this post.

The great thing is that if you do not have your own list you can start building one (and make sales while doing so) by paying list owners in your niche to send an email promoting YOUR web site. This is called a solo ad and it is a form of pay per click but it works different.

First you agree with a list owner how many clicks you want to buy and then you pay a fixed amount (over delivery is very common here so you usually get more than you pay for.)

The advantages of this form of advertising is clear, you don’t have to worry about getting your web site approved as long as the list owner agree to promote it. The traffic also converts better than normal PPC because the visitors already been sold to, the list owner who have a relationship with their subscribers, “recommend” your offer, pitch it in the email, which means that the ones clicking your link already are interested in your offer and trust it because they trust their list owner.

If you are in the make money online niche you can buy solo ads on the Udimi marketplace here.

Or you can buy a solo ad directly from me here:


List building is crucial to your business!

Below you find some links to posts i’ve wrote about list building, remember if you ignore building a mailing list, you also ignore your success.

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