I’ve been around the online marketing scene for nine years before I actually succeeded to make any money online, so let me help you avoid to make all of the mistakes I made.

Through nine years of trial and error I finally cracked the code and learned how to make money online. Today I run a coaching business and I can say that my purpose in life is to help you make money which makes me feel proud.

As the online marketing scene grows louder and noisier it’s harder and harder to know who to listen to and who’s a fraud. Here on this blog you’ll find useful information and help along your quest to making money online and remember that you can always contact me i you have any questions.

About Me

So what’s my story?

When I started out in 2002 I had no clue what to do to really make any money. I tried everything from Google AdSense to those old get paid to click programs like NeoBux and Clixsense (Which I by the way monetized when I learned to do the marketing right).

In 2011 (Yes nine years later) I finally made my first sale online. And funny was that my life before as an unemployed lazy slob without any money didn’t get me anywhere but when I actually had a work as a telemarketer and made good money from it as well, that’s when I actually started making money online, when I finally fixed my life I didn’t settle from having a work, I wanted more.

In the middle of 2012 I finally quit my work and went full time online and believe me when I say that I know the pain and frustration that you feel when struggling to make money but hey I’m here to help and the first thing you need to do is start thinking positive about it and then contact me and I’ll help you personally to finally succeed.

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