Even though I always say that having your own product and website is key to become really successful online. That being said it doesn’t mean that one can’t make money without it. So I’ve listed five ways that you can use to start making some money today.


1.Online Surveys

The idea of online survey is that you will be given a survey that has to be completed by you to earn money. This surveys is conducted by companies who are observing the community to discover the best way to market their product or services. The amount of money you can earn per survey depends on the importance or the length of survey. Some survey companies doesn’t reward you with money. Instead, they giving you prizes/gifts or entering you to a lucky draw.


2.Get Paid to Read Email/Get Paid to Signup/Get Paid to Surf

It’s name reveals most of what it is about, you know what you have do to make money. Reading emails and click the advertisement inside or by up to different offers or programs or surf websites to make you money. However the money you can earn is not that great but it’s definitely the easiest way to actually make some money at all.


3.Online Investment

As with any investment this involves risk. It requires you to invest on programs or currency. A word of warning though, many of this programs are scam and therefore a BIG risk, never invest more than you can afford to loose. Only a handful of this type of programs are legitimate but when you find one that is it can skyrocket your profits.


4.Ebay Business

If you gonna make money without a web site this is definitely one of the most powerful ways to do so. Ebay is a well known service that allows people to sell and buy products through an online auction. You can sell your stuff you don’t want anymore or basically whatever you like. Though selling your old stuffs and sell them to an online auction seems like not promising, there are actual people who has make a full time income on Ebay.


5.Marketing Affiliate Programs with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Another popular way to make money online without having your own website is through affiliate marketing. The concept is by joining an online affiliate programs that will give you commission to sell their products and then advertise the product on sites that has Pay Per Click Advertising. Just make sure to read the PPC and affiliate program’s terms to make sure they allow you to do this.

Again affiliate marketing can be done this way and become very profitable too. BUT if you have a website and build an email list you can multiply your income many times by simply emailing the affiliate offers to your email list.

PPC Advertising is a powerful advertising campaign that charges you a small amount of money when someone click your advertisement. If that person decide to buy the product your promoting, you get profit from your commission reduced by your investment on the PPC Advertising.

The most famous PPC service is Google Adwords, run by Google. Just be sure that your investment on the PPC service doesn’t exceed the amount of commission you get from the affiliate program. Here’s a post I wrote about Google Adwords.

As you can see, each program has their own advantage and disadvantages.

The last two ways mentioned above is considered more promising than the top three. In order to make a significant income with the last two programs, you have to know its secrets and techniques. Fortunately, there are many ebooks and articles online that can help you to get the best of those programs. Besides there’s a lot of useful information on this blog as well so go ahead and bookmark it.

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