Today I want to share 5 great ways to get traffic to your website.

Because I know that if you are not short on money you’re probably short on time.

And there’s way to much hype around getting traffic to a website nowadays.

Below there’s 5 very simply ways to get traffic.

  1. Content Marketing or SEO? 

    SEO sounds obvious right?It’s one of the best way to get a person searching for what your site offers to land on your site.But here’s the catch.

    If you want to rank high you need to improve your content. Outstanding and valuable content will attract links, social shares and traffic.

  1. Social Media or Email Marketing? 

    Seriously, do both!Email marketing is by far the way that gives you the highest ROI in online marketing but and it is time tested and well proen.Social media is sexier and there’s more hype around it but email is way more profitable.

    So what do you want for your business. Do you want it to be sexy or profitable?

    In terms of traffic do email but in terms of branding do social media.

  1. Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin? 

    Facebook: For almost everyone else, you should focus on Facebook. The Facebook audience is typically made up of everyone between the early majority to the laggards.Twitter: Is your audience tech-savvy innovators, early adopters or obsessed with pop culture? Then focus on Twitter.LinkedIn: If you’re selling to other professionals (Business-to-Business), then LinkedIn will give you the best bang for your buck. The LinkedIn audience is typically early adopters and the early majority.

    If I were you I use all three of them actually 🙂

  1. Pinterest or Google Plus 

    This completely depends which one is most effective. Anything graphical and visual and Pinterest is the obvious choice.On the other hand Google plus has a lot of engagement, people with technical knowledge and since it’s nature (C’mon it’s Google) you should not leave it out at all.

  1. Paid Advertising, Google or Facebook? 

    “Facebook Ads won’t convert as well as Google AdWords. But they’re a fraction of the cost.”Here’s the thing, Google Adwords has become super expensive I mean even if it converts like charm are you up for paying $8 – $10 a lead while you can pay $1 a lead on Facebook?Personally I would split test both of these to find out how much you pay per customer aka which one gives you the highest ROI.

    Because at the end of the day it’s all about making a profit on your advertising.

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