After struggling for 9 years before I made a single cent online I certeinly learned some lessons along the way. I literally learned the hard way, I tried everything from dropshipping to affiliate marketing and believe me it was not easy.

So I want to share with you some of the lessons I learned.

  1. Treat your online business as a business
    This might seem obvious but apparently it’s not, most people I know trying to make money online think of their business as a hobby and not as a business, which is completely wrong, making money online takes time and effort when you start out. That’s why they fail.
  1. Making Money Online Is NOT Free
    99% of the people approaching me and ask what to do to make money online want to do it without paying for anything.Wake up cupcakes!Businesses have costs, period!Do you really think that if you start a restaurant or a shop that you can do that for free? No you can’t. This is a business, not a hobby (See lesson number one).

    You need to pay for an autoresponder, webhost and advertising!

  1. Making Money Online Means Hard Work
    Yes is does. While all gurus advertise that you can make money without more than 30 – 60 minutes a day…You can!BUT, you need to work before you reach there. And I’m talking double full time. First when your business is up and running you can easily work very little but it takes efforts to reach there.
  1. There’s no such thing as push button traffic
    Yeah that’s right, stop buying into products that talks about push button traffic. There is no such thing.The only push button traffic that exists is when you have a mailing list and send out an email with a link.That’s why you gotta build a mailing list 😉
  1. You don’t have a traffic problem, you have a conversion problem.
    It’s not hard to get traffic, you can get paid traffic very very easily and you should go that way too. BUT you gotta convert your ads and offer so it converts and generate a positive ROI.Thinks about it if you spend $1000 on advertising, is it really spending if that generates sales of $4000?No it’s not, it’s making $3000!Treat your business as a business and believe in it and it WILL work for you.

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