After being around the online marketing scene I always hear people saying that their main problem is to get traffic, I say do paid traffic but they don’t want to pay for traffic even though paid traffic is really easy to get.

You need a mindset shift, paid traffic is great you just need to tweak it so you make more money than you spend.

However if you still want to be stubborn and go with free traffic I can help you as well.

Here’s the most effective methods I generated free traffic with and which work like charm:

  1. Posting Videos On Youtube
    Do your keyword research and post daily videos on Youtube. It can be anything from how to videos within your niche or any other valuable content for your market. Always include a link at the bottom of your video.
  1. Forum Marketing
    Find crowded forums with in your niche which allow you to have a link in your signature. Head over there and create a signature with your link and be helpful and socialize with people. As you post more and more people will start seeing value in you and click your links.
  1. Blogging
    Create a blog and post new content every day and remember to write long articles. Search engines like Google loves text and it’ll make you rank for long tail keywords even though I’m not a fan of SEO blogging should really not be underestimated.
  1. Blog Commenting
    Find out blogs with a lot of traffic in your niche and post insightful and valuable comments to posts over there and you’ll build links back to your blog and stealing some of the traffic from their blog as well.
  1. Post On Social Media
    Find groups and people interested in social media, like, share and post valuable content over there.Here’s some sites you can use:
  1. Put A Like And Share Button On Your Site
    Always include a like and a share button for social media on your site and encourage your visitors to share your content. This way you get a good chance to get people promoting your site for free with a viral effect to it.
  1. E-Mail / Listbuilding
    Build an email list and send out a daily email to your subscribers. Remember that email is the most responsive traffic you’ll get, besides a list with subscribers is traffic that YOU own. I’m sure you have heard that the money is in the list.
  1. Use E-Mail Signatures
    Put a signature in the bottom of every email that you send out and place a link in that signature which you want your subscribers to go.
  1. Build Backlinks
    By applying some of these strategies you automatically create backlicks which generate’s traffic both from clicks and from search engines. Google just love sites with backlinks to them.
  1. Update Less Frequently
    Also remember that if you focus a bit less on just creating content and make it a 40/60 rule. Create content 40% of the time and promote it 60% of the time. This way people actually get to see your work. Which makes sense because if you just focus on creating content you don’t have time to promote it wich means people never see what you create.
  • Do Paid Traffic
    Come to the point that you realize that you need paid traffic to get the fast results that you want. In a future post I’ll share with you my most used paid traffic sources.
    To learn more about how to generate traffic and make more money online than you even thought possible go to:

Blogging is the easiest way to drive traffic since Google and other search engines love’s sites which is updated frequently.

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